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Short courses  


The typical formal Islamic education of a Muslim in the UK ends in their early teens. This education is mostly focused on Qur’anic literacy and basic knowledge of Islamic sciences. Only a very small number go on to formally study at Islamic higher education institutes.


The Imam UK believes that Islamic education is a lifelong endeavour and should be functional and meaningful. The Imam UK courses are open to males and females and subjects vary from Arabic Language, Tafseer, Hadeeth to Seerah, Fiqh, and contemporary issues. Our classes are open to both males and females


Student-centric teaching, structured courses, authentic and contextualised  knowledge


The Imam UK also provides personal and professional development training and workshops for both males and females wanting to gain a better theoretical and practical insight in what they do.


The Imam UK will hold training sessions and workshops aimed at Imams, Khateebs, Mosque Management Staff, Madrasah Teachers, School Teachers, Islamic Societies (ISOCs) and charity volunteers.


  • Khateeb training

  • Mental health awareness 

  • Janazah/ Burial training 

  • Chaplaincy Training 

  • Safeguarding training 

  • De-radicalisation training


The Imam UK has experienced trainers. Our training is rooted in research knowledge and is practice focused.

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