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I am extremely grateful to Shaykh Yusuf for everything he did for me. Not only did he conduct our Nikah, he also helped us before we got married with any questions or issues that we had. He travelled over 500 kilometres to conduct our Nikah at our chosen venue. The service was professional and the Nikah ceremony was intimate and perfect. We would like to thank Shaykh Yusuf and the Imam UK for understanding our needs and supporting us throughout the entire process and thereafter. We will not forget his beautiful words of advice, wisdom and practical life lessons. Insha’Allah we will use his guidance to live a long and happy marriage. We highly recommend The Imam UK Nikah services! 10/10

Qari Fateh Seferagic

The best Nikah service I could have asked for, my Nikah was during Ramadan 2019. They were professional and adaptable to my personal circumstances. Shaykh Yusuf attended and delivered an amazing and very heartfelt reminder which will live with me, my wife and our families for the rest of our lives. I feel my words cannot express the gratitude and love I have for The Imam UK and its services. I recommend you to book your Nikah with them. I feel like I have gained a friend and can turn to them at any time.

Qari Ismael Asif

Since my initial meeting with Shaykh Yusuf in Ramadan 2019, we just seemed to click and gel, Alhamdulilah. His positivity, energy and openness resonated with me, so I began taking classes with him and learning from him. 

We all experience difficulties, issues and problems in our lives. I’m excited for this venture that Shaykh Yusuf and his team have begun because it provides everyone with the opportunity to share and be open with someone from an educated and Islamic background, with years of experience. To me personally, he’s not just some guy. He’s a true friend, brother, teacher and mentor.

Faisal Lateef

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