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The Imam Islamic Judiciary UK is led by British born Muslim scholars who are professional, fully qualified and understand the contemporary social context for Muslims living in the UK. TIIJ UK is an independent organisation catering for the needs and requirements of the Muslim community with a special focus on family, social, individual & personal well-being. In matters of jurisprudence, TIIJ follows the school of the esteemed Imam Abu Haneefa (RH).


The Imam Islamic Judiciary’s (TIIJ) objective is to recognise the problems and issues faced by everyday Muslims. We understand that these matters can be overwhelming and lead to distress, anxiety and poor mental health. The well-being of all our clients is of paramount importance. Our scholars are trained in Mental health & wellbeing who will support you from the beginning and throughout your journey with us. We can also provide independent professional mediation. TIIJ aims to deliver an effective, confidential and professional service. We understand that all cases are time-critical, however, we aim to work with you at a pace convenient for you where possible. 

The Imam Islamic Judiciary (TIIJ) operates on the methodology of the Hanafi school of jurisprudence and within the UK only.

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