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Shaykh Muhammad Ismail


Born and raised in England, he comes from a family of Traditional Islamic Scholarship. His father is a senior Alim in the UK as is his elder brother. He is a traditional Islamic seminary trained Alim, certified in theology, exegesis, jurisprudence, Arabic language and Arabic literature. He also holds a MA in Islamic Education and Educational Philosophy from the university of Warwick. His MA thesis focused on the educational culture and pedagogies of UK Islamic seminaries.


Throughout his professional career he has served as a madrasah teacher, Imam, shariah advisor, Islamic seminary lecturer, Muslim community researcher, multi-faith chaplain and a wellbeing mental health practitioner. His current full time professional role sits within mental health and Wellbeing services at a mainstream university in London. He also serves as a senior lecturer at an Islamic seminary, educating future Muslim men and women aspiring to become faith leaders and scholars. 

He is the first Imam to be invited to call the adhān and lead salah at 10 Downing Street. He is a regular visiting Imam leading Jumu’ah and religious services. He is co-founder of The Imam UK and is senior board member of the TIIJ Shariah board.

Shaykh Muhammad is an advocate of critical transformative pedagogy in Islamic education. He is passionate about community engagement, multi faith initiatives, education, public theology, Islamic spirituality, mental health and Muslim family law.

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