Shaykh Muhammad Ismail


Shaykh Muhammad Ismail grew up in London under the guidance of his father, Shaykh Ismail and his elder brother Shaykh Abdul Mateen. He pursued higher Islamic studies at the distinguished Islamic seminary, Dar al-Uloom Azaadville in South Africa.


He is a qualified professional with a traditional Alimiyyah certificate and has over 15 years experience as a skilled Imam, frequent Khateeb, keen educator, experienced advisor and an empathetic mentor with a demonstrated history of working in Mosques, Islamic centres, Islamic education and representing Muslims in the wider community.

He served as the Head Imam at Al Medina Mosque, Brighton for many years and continues to serve as an advisor to the trustees and Imaams. 

He has been a senior faculty member at Ebrahim Community College since 2013, where he taught Arabic language and literature, Hadīth and Tafsir.

He has delivered courses for Islamic Societies (ISOCs) and for Muslim youth groups in the UK and abroad. He is passionate about facilitating excellent and meaningful Islamic education for adult females as well as adult males. 

He lives with his wife and three children in London and is currently pursuing an MA in Religions, Society and Education with a focus on Educational History, Philosophy, Theory and Practice at the University of Warwick, UK.