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Shaykh Gulfraz Khan

TIIJ Board of Scholars UK

Born and raised in London, he commenced Hifz studies in Khoka, a small village in the Punjab region of Pakistan. Shaykh completed his memorisation in three years.


After returning to London he enrolled onto the Alimiyyah programme at Darul Uloom London where he graduated. During his studies here, he obtained Sanads and Ijazaat in Hadith, Usool, Tafseer and Qira’ah. 


Shaykh then travelled to Damascus for further studies in Hadith, Qira,ah and Arabic. On his return, Shaykh was appointed as the lead Imam at one of London’s largest mosques, Edmonton Islamic Centre. He has been delivering critical services to the Muslim Community for well over decade. 


Shaykh holds vast and valuable experience in dealing with pertinent issues faced by the Muslim community. He has taught numerous courses and developed activities for the sisters and youth.

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