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Mufti Uwais Namazi

TIIJ Board of Scholars UK

Mulla Uwais Namazi read Arabic and Islamic Studies at the prestigious seminary in India, nadwat al-‘ulama (alim: 2004; fazil: 2006), and went onto complete post-graduate studies (MA Islamic Studies: 2008) at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London.


Thereafter he served as Assistant Publisher at the Islamic Text Society (Cambridge), as well as providing translation expertise and editing services to various publishing houses catering to the Islamic Studies, like Turath Publishing (London) and Amal Press (Bristol).


In 2011 he moved to London and joined the faculty at Ebrahim College (London) where he taught Arabic, Hadith, Fiqh and Tafsir.  He also taught at the Jibril Institute (East London Mosque) and served at Hafs Academy (London).  In 2015, he moved back to his hometown in the North of England where he co-founded the Nizami Institute and taught GCSE Arabic at Eden Boys Secondary School.


In 2017 he relocated to London and joined the faculties at the Cambridge Islamic College and al-Salam Institute (London).  He divides his time between teaching, learning, research and family.

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