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Mufti Khalid Al Haqq

TIIJ Lead Jurist Consult

Mufti Khalidul Haq began memorising the Qur’an at Jami`a Islamiyya (Tunbridge Wells, Kent) and completed it at Darul Uloom London (Chislehurst, Kent). Thereafter, he began the Alimiyya programme and completed it at Madrasa Arabia Islamiyya (Johannesburg) where he also persued a specialisation in Fiqh under Mufti Muhammad Sa`id Mutara and Hadith under Shaykh Fadlur-Rahman al-A`zami.


After graduating, he served as an Imam in Shah Jalal Mosque (Manor Park) and Poplar Mosque & Cultural Centre (Poplar). Currently, he is a researcher in Islamic Studies and a teacher of advanced students in Fiqh, Hadith and Tafsir at several Higher Islamic Education Institutes in London. 

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