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This is the second module of three which aims to introduce students to the hadith 16-30 of Imam Nawawi’s celebrated collection of 40 hadith. Students will be guided through the content and encouraged to reflect over the hadith through classroom dialogue and discussion. This will help students to make the prophetic guidance both functional and meaningful to their daily life and personal context. 

This course is open to males and females of all backgrounds: new Muslims, returning Muslims, and anyone aiming to gain further insight into the beautiful teachings of our Nabi Muhammad (may Allah bless him and give him peace).

Arabic is not necessary for this course

Starting from 08/06/2020, this course will run for 10 weeks.

Prerequisites: None

Course Tutor: Shaykh Yusuf Zahaby

Course Fee: £110

Day and Time: Monday 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm


Classes will be held remotely via Zoom for the foreseeable future. More details will be given upon registration.


Course Aims and Outcomes

  • Understand the hadith 16-30 of Imam Nawawi’s Forty hadith collection under the guidance of an experienced and qualified teacher.

  • Translation and linguistic analysis of each hadith.

  • Learn and implement the essential and most important principles of Islam to live a meaningful life.

  • Understand the coherence of Islam as a complete way of life.

  • Build and increase your spiritual intelligence to help you on your journey to Allah.

  • Discover practical and meaningful lessons that can be applied to your daily worship, dealings and conduct.

  • Evaluate, analyse and critically engage with your spiritual goals.

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